Kick timer triggered on all four players at the same time

  • Today when playing a game, everyone got kicked at the same time. Everyone's internet connection was fine, the chat still worked and we were able to continue playing the game until we timed out. I hope that you are able to fix this issue!!!

    Also, I'm noticing now that you have, what looks like, default GUI placeholder text all over the place. The site would look much nicer without it... ("enter_tags_here, 3, 15", "composer.discard", "composer.submit")

  • administrators

    @kbsmith14 Reagrading the issue with the kick timer: We are on it since our developers are currently reworking how the system works.

    About the "placeholders" here in the forum: Which browser are you using atm? I personally switch between ff and chrome on a regular basis and all the buttons are translated just fine.

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