game disconnected error and other problems with the game

  • "game disconnected error all human players have left" when one player (even when it's me) wins, can't see the scores/stats at the end, all players are kicked.

    another bug:
    can't go full screen properly, first few times, ends up in the bottom left corner, not full screen with a black border along the top and right.

    players can close the tab and the game waits for them to reconnect but often they use this as a method of quitting and the remaining players have to wait.

  • administrators

    @MorganinJapan Which browser are you using at the moment?

  • I have noticed this myself also, probably started about 2-3 weeks ago. It's really annoying and anticlimactic to not be able to see the statistics at the end of a game that you've work for to win!

    When will this be fixed ADMIN????

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