Games freezes after robber

  • For the third time in two days the game has frozen. I have rolled a seven, discarded half my cards, then it freezes. I can’t move the robber. I am still able to chat or quit the match, but that’s it. It is frustrating because I am enjoying the game and would like to be able to finish matches.

  • I have also noticed the same problem several times.

    Can an administrator please look into this?

  • This is happening to me too. I found that if I exit the game and return it will reset where I left off . Probably damages my karma, but what can you do?

  • Same here.

  • Facing the same problem on Android. Figured out a temporary workaround: Force quit and restart the app quickly, it will ask if you want to rejoin the game you were in. Say yes, and it should work now.

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