Basic Catan with random players and/or with friends

  • How much do I need to pay for Basic Catan with random fields and numbers playing against random players?
    If I wanted to play against friends do they need to pay as well or they could be my guests on game?
    Is it possible to play Extended Board of Basic Catan with 4 players (recomended for extension 5-6 players)?

  • administrators


    You'll need to buy the base game to play the basic scenario (or variants like "Ore for Wool" and "Harbormaster" that are included in the base game) with a randomized board in all game modes. Your fellow players in multiplayer games will need the base game for this as well. The base game and expansions are 500 Catan Gold each. If you still have your registration bonus of 100 Catan Gold, you'll just need the 400 Catan Gold purchase for 3,99.
    We currently do not offer a larger board (5/6 player variant) for the base game. However, if you like larger scenarios, there are various included in the Seafarers expansion, e.g. "Greater Catan".

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