• Is there a way to let the opponent decide what they like to give me for lets say 2 bricks?

    So, what I mean is... if I have only 10 bricks in my hand and nothing else, I like to avoid creating 3-4 different suggestions.
    So at my turn, I would like to say, "I give you 2 bricks, give me anything you like". Is there a way in the game to do this?

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    Yes, you can just leave one side of the trade options open (select nothing) Then your opponents will see an open or "wildcard" trade. E.g. when you just select two brick to give away and select no resource or trade goods to receive, just opponents will see this offer and can make a counteroffer based on what they'd like to exchange for these two brick.

  • ok. thanks. so I will see from every single player then a counteroffer. in best case 3 different counteroffers will be displayed on the screen, and I can choose one of these?

  • @Richie_Rich exactly ;)

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