Rivals Access

  • I had previously purchased The Rivals app from the Apple store but didn’t realize that it was no longer available on iOS 11. Is there a way to link my purchase to Catan Universe? I no longer have access to the original app so I can’t link it that way.

  • I do not own an apple device but I think I remember having read somewhere that the Rivals app is no longer running once you have updated to iOS 11 due to compatibility issues.

    For the time being, the only accessible version of Rivals here at Catan Universe is the introductory game as Free-to-Play-content.

    So, since there are no purchasable Rivals contents available at Catan Universe and since the different theme sets and expansions have not been implemented yet, it is not possible (and also unnecessary) to link any purchases from the Rivals app to this version.

    However, the release of all theme sets and expansions has been announced for some point in the future. Once this has happened, I would assume chances are good that the developers will let you gain full access to all Rivals contents, if you have already paid for them in the iOS-app. Purchasers of the old board game apps were allowed the same.

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