“Could not create lobby due to an error” message keeps popping on creating Custom match

  • I already have a Cities and Knights expansion. However, when I want to create a custom match, the pop-up “could not create lobby due to an error” always occurs. The same also happens when I use scroll for Seafarers as well. The only way I can play any custom game nowadays is by invitation from others. Can somebody fix/tell me how to fix this? Thank you in advance.

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    We're sorry that you're having this issues. We're currently investigating this and it's related to specific accounts. We'll let you know as soon as we have identified and fixed the cause of this.

  • @Administrator I still have the same issue until now. Even worse, now I can't join anyone's game with Cities & Knights anymore. Please help!

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    @frozenization Are you using our latest version of Catan Universe 1.4.4?

  • Hi, I am unable to create custom games anymore but was able to just last week when i started playing.

    The Error message is below

    error could not create lobby due to error

    Things i have tried.

    1. Reboot computer
    2. Clear cache and cookies, history etc etc
    3. tried 3 different browsers chrome, firefox, IE. both firefox and Ie dont even load the screen
    4. I downloaded the game from steam, same error still

    I think this is an issue with my username because others can create custom games on my computer when I log out, but once they log in they can create Custom games?

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    @jdawg32 please contact us via support@catanuniverse.com and we will take care of that issue.

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