Display timer on screen when a user get’s within 10 seconds of missing their turn.

  • I’ve been caught with the “you took too long” popup and missed my turn my while taking a particularly long time to make a decision. It would be great if there was a 10 second count down before.

  • I agree!

  • I also agree

  • Would you prefer a visual and/or audio countdown?

  • @Administrator Quite honestly.... A FULL-TIME COUNTDOWN CLOCK is probably the way to go.

    Put it up where the dice are (android ap)... As the dice moves from player to player, the clock moves too. Then, is it's a 2-minute round timer, just countdown from 180.

    If you wanted to be "cute" with it, start with a "full moon" green circle beside the dice. Then introduce a red pie-wedge, starting at the 12-o'clock position... The red pie-wedge grows in size, moving clockwise... When you get to "full moon" red, that's the clock hitting "0".

    toss in an "audio" nudge at 10-seconds left.

  • I agree! A 10 second countdown would be better than nothing, but I'd prefer a full countdown over just 10 seconds!

  • i agree, 180 is too long, please, can you reduce it to maxi 20; 10 would be great;
    but waiting for 180 is so horrible.
    idea: if the player don't play in time; you can activate the IA player only for the turn; the human player can play after; but if the human don't play after 3 IA turn ; the human player is ejected and replace with a IA player...sorry for my english;

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