Game freezes at rolling dice

  • A game just froze while the next player should have rolled the dice. According to the other player's display it was my turn and I had gotten a kicktimer. I haven't been kicked out though. I tried to close the app and reenter the game but that didn't help. The game unfroze when the last player left and the KI took over. I am using the Android app with Chrome OS. This bug has happened to me repeatedly.
    I made screenshots of the game, the game log and the chat, but the attachment button doesn't seem to be working. I'll mail them to

    Best regards,

  • Came here to complain from the same issue. It happens fairly frequently when playing against real opponents. I am using windows 7 with chrome browser.

  • Mine has been doing this since I downloaded the game. I have even paid for all of the boards to be able to play more versions, but this is extremely frustrating.

  • I would say this happens about 1 in 3 games.

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