Cannot view game stats if you lose. "Game has been canceled."

  • "No human players left in game."
    I would like to view the stats, especially if I lose.
    Thank you for all the hard work.

  • I started getting this message a few weeks back. Sometimes it doesn't happen though.

  • I am getting the exact same thing. I want to see the stats after a loss, but can't. I can view it when I win, but not lose.

  • I'll make a bet. This doesn't get fixed for at least 2 months. Any takers?

  • Good updates lately, but still get kicked without being able to view game stats unless in first or last place. If you're in the middle it just kicks you out "No other human players".

    When in the middle (2/3 or 2/4,3/4) is when I would like to view the game stats the most. Also the splash just shows dashes for elo on the "You Lose" blurred kick screen, so we have no idea the impact on Player Statistics

  • This happens to me more often than not and is extremely frustrating as I like looking at the stats and everything. Why cant they just fix it already!!!

  • administrators

    @Dantheman It will be fixed in the upcoming update. :)

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