Are the servers down?

  • My friends and I can't get on

  • I am having a more than usual difficult time logging on myself, or at least stating online.

  • Servers coninues down

  • Still having issues reaching the servers.

  • I managed to play one (half game, rage quitter here) then after trying to find a new game, not connected...

  • Dear all, due to the holiday season and the New Year we were not able to roll out an update for the connection issues as fast as we’d hoped to. However we have been in contact with our backed service provider and have identified probable causes for these issues. These are hard to track down as they only affects a part of the currently active players at a time and they are therefore not that easy to reproduce. However we now have some good leads that the team is working on right now and that we will test and then roll out as soon as possible. We are sorry for this and are actively working on resolving these as quickly as possible.

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