• Easy ones....
    Please make the ports bigger.
    Please change the cards so you can tell them by the color- Year of Plenty vs. Monopoly vs. Road Building
    (you already do this for knights and VPs, it's a big help)
    Please move the deck up higher- if you increase the size of the screen, the cards get cut off.
    Almost sounds like I have vision issues, don't I?

    Tougher Ones-
    Please put an OK when we match for a game- if somebody's AFK or accidentally disconnected it's a long wait.

    Please make an option using cards instead of dice.
    There are 37 cards:
    1 each of 2 & 12
    2 each of 3 & 11
    3 each of 4 & 10
    4 each of 5 and 9
    5 each of 6 and 8
    6 7s
    and 1 reshuffle card.

    Instead of rolling dice, you 'draw a card' to determine the number, and leave it out. When you hit the reshuffle, start over and draw another card. As each card is drawn, the odds for the numbers change, and it's much harder to win by luck.


  • @Urgone teach them ^^

  • I just want to beable to move and rearrange the game pieces that are on the table while i wait for my turn...thats all i ask.

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