Disconnect bug, will it ever be fixed?

  • Everyday bug....

  • I don't know if you're talking about the bug where a kicktimer shows up for 1 or more players at the same time and when it runs out you get kicked from the game? But I'm gonna post my reply to that here cause I want people to know what the Developers of the game said about the kickbug....

    I'm talking about this "kickbug" (where you get a kicktimer for no reason and after it runs out you're kicked from the game and lose a max of 8 ELO points!!!) Happened to myself a couple of times, and have it seen happen to more then 1 player at the same time, which sometimes resulted in me or some other player directly getting the win at the start of the game due to the others being kicked for no reason.
    I got really frustrated and finally sent the developer's a complaint email about it at support@catanuniverse.com to report the bug and ask when they are going to fix it.

    They responded with the following...

    "Thank you very much for your report and your detailed information.
    Unfortunately, we still have problems with involuntary kicks at the moment.
    Our developers are constantly working on this problem and will hopefully be able to offer a solution as soon as possible."

    "It can happen that the ELO number is also affected, depending on whether the game is finished or not.
    I am really sorry, I can understand you very well in this case, but unfortunately we can not make any subsequent changes in the ELO system for fundamental reasons."

    "This is due to the fact that the corresponding ELO numbers immediately play a role again in the next game (because the two ELO numbers of the players influence directly the changes of the ELO numbers after the next game).
    If I could now change an ELO number, then (in extreme cases) any number of other ELO numbers would have to change.
    This is basically mathematically possible, but it is difficult for the players concerned to see why their ELO number simply changes. The only practical solution is to make no subsequent changes."

    I personally can't make a lot of sense from this explanation that they're giving about the "kickbug", but it sounds to me like they're saying:
    "We're constantly working to solve this problem, but we probably won't." :-/

  • @Milo-Mindful said:

    "We're constantly working to solve this problem, but we probably won't."

    Yes, that's the real concern here.

  • @Xariesz
    Just got a reply from Admin in another thread..

    "A fix for the mentioned issue is already in internal testing. That is what the statement says."

    Let's keep our hopes up. :unamused:

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