Black screen on start up within browser on Catan Universe

  • Please advise. I have purchased the base game yet shortly after that my screen now goes to a black screen after loading. I am trying in Firefox and in Chrome. The same thing happens. Please help. Thank you.

  • administrators

    @Batuka Please try to clear the cache of your browser and try to load the side anew. You can also try to load the side in a private or incognito tab

  • @administrators Hello, I am having a similar issue. After I click on "browser" from, I receive the message about Catan Universe System Requirements, I click "ok," then I'm taken to the loading screen. The bar moves as if it is loading, and then once it appears to finish loading, I get a black screen, even after waiting for several minutes. I have tried in Firefox and Chrome. I've also tried clearing the cache of my browsers and tried loading in a private/incognito tab. I'm not sure what you mean by loading "the side." Please advise. Thank you!

  • administrators

    @Fartismella best contact our support team via we will be able to help you in greater detail over there than hen here in the forums.

  • Thank you!

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