Hammered by the lowly...ELO

  • Why do I always have to play people so lowly rated ELO wise? The penalty for losing to them is massive. Its especially problematic with all of the kicktimer problems. When I'm booted from one of those games, my ELO is hammered because I'm playing with someone so lowly rated. Why can't we set a certain level? We are playing a world-wide game...not all of our 'friends' are awake at the same time as we are. Please let me set the level of competition that I want to play with.

  • There apparently are not enough players online with the same ELO as you. If you make any small changes to the matchmaker filter, you will find it really hard to start a game. There is an ELO checkbox IIRC.

  • I just looked and there's a Karma, Friends, and Guild checkbox, but nothing for rating. It's a great idea to add that!

  • Tired of slowly building good ELO and in a few games with inexperienced players have them gang up on me when I hadn't even built a road yet, so that one player had taken over the entire board and they were all still stealing from me. I got three points by the end of the game and they were still stealing from me. I had earned to 1188 ELO and in four games lost about 50 points. Didn't think it was possible. I have noticed that some nights I win win win and then a few days later, I can play game after game losing worse each time. part of that is on me for sure, but the "all good or all bad" seems to be too coincidental. Keep telling myself to quit after a few bad games, but keep think my luck has to change, that's why I don't gamble...

  • @klipsch260 sorry, lost 55 points.

  • While I don't really mind playing a variety of skill levels, it must really suck for a new person to get hammered or cut off, or simply out played by a more experience player.

    Also frustrating, is when a new player basically hands the game to another player with bad trades or refusal to trade, poor starting location picks, less than ideal use of the robber, etc., [or quit and leave us to the game destroying AI]

    And the whole ELO is a mystery to me, I can win big or struggle through it, maybe get a few ELO, but then I can lose a game and drop twice as much as I'd gain any other time. It really makes no sense. [Is there a guide to how ELO is calculated]

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  • @Prinz-der-Sterne Thanks! I did go dig up the FAQ and it makes sense, but it still kind of hurts when a low ranked player kills your ELO due to questionable play. [More defensive play lessons I suppose, and I know I've benefited now and again from the same]

  • @Prinz-der-Sterne said:

    Here you can read, how ELO works:


    I probably have to re-read it and work through some "sample calculations"... but I really wonder if ELO "works". At a high level it makes sense but the experience of it doesn't... and I can't explain how anyone has over 1200 ELO, not because they aren't that good, there's just enough situations where your ELO gets hammered.

    It's almost like you can best gain ELO by joining a game, and hoping some bug kicks and and everyone else quits. [like right now where the game is hung up, if I quit, I'm rewarding someone for not restarting their buggy game and taking a hit on my ELO]

    And then there's the whole concept of it - like it assumes everyone is finishing games so it accurately represents their skill (and luck), but between bugs kicking people out and someone being a strong player but quits enough (especially for a bad board) thus their ELO is lower, so when you lose to this player, your ELO takes a huge hit.

    And when you come in 2nd with 9 points you get huge negative ELO, but come in 4th and gain ELO... Almost makes sense to quit in some cases because it makes no difference in the end, plus I'll get a better ELO boost in the future, lol.

    I'm sure if I did the math, it probably works out, but it never feels right. And I'm not sure if it makes sense in a game equally dependant on luck and not getting unfairly focused on by other players/AI.

    [ok, rambling done... I know the "math can't be wrong"]

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