A way to randomize numbers and hey lets have a usb device that we can roll dice onto.

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    Listen you can create a random number generator easy. You can also program that certain numbers should be rolled more. make 2 and 12 5%, 3 and 11 10%, 4 and 10 15%, 5 and 9 20% , 6 and 8 20% and the hated 7 30%. I wrote a code for this in java and it worked pretty well. I had it do 80 separate numbers. Had 2 and 12 in there about 5 times and 7 in there 15 times. Then it would change the position of the numbers every time I hit a button to randomize it again. Each time it was different the order and what not. I finally got a repeat after 18 tries. Yet the 19th it went back to completely random. So its just the math equation finally hit the same pattern just once. There are so many ways you can implement math into the game and make it still feel like its random. They really need to work on this. Or maybe have a physical device that we can hook up to our computers by USB that we can roll dice onto and it sends that number to the game. you can put a dome on it so people can shake it and then put it down on the pad and transmits that number. That be neat.

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