Why was I kicked? Is this new?

  • Did Auto Match 4 players.

    I am beside myself right now, as I just got a message I was kicked from a game? Can players kick another player out now? or why was I kicked?

    I was literally slaughtering my opponents and the second I get to my 6th point, I get a "kick timer message" with a count down.

    Once the timer got to 0, an error message came up saying that the game has ended and I had been "kicked from the game".

    I know I didn't lag out, I have a great connection, and was watching all of the other participants play without lag or delay.

    Can someone shed some light on this?

  • I'm not 100% sure about this:

    Seems like the players have found out how to "tap into" the communication between game client and server. So they can probably send something when it is not supposed to be sent and that makes the server go crazy. Or there is just some combination of things you can do that will have the same effect.

  • This happens to me all the time, when u get a kicktimer just rejoin, usually it is ok, but sometimes it doesn't let you play. That's all you can do , I think.

  • @katerinalda me too...all the time...I don't understand why they can't fix this

  • I've tried logging in with a different device, but that's had sporadic success at best.

    It feels like they coded this app with custom made thread handling and it trips all over itself all the time. There are some better options available now, but they're often left unused.

  • @katerinalda @Klasmata @Stroom

    I get kicked at times too, and I play on my desktop PC and have NEVER been able to figure out how to rejoin a game.

    Is there a special way?

  • I had a 3 person C&K game a couple of hours ago where one guy got kicktimered and then the game got hung on the wrong player right after he got kicked. I was logged in with the Steam client so I logged in through a Kindle. That didn't work. Then I switched to a Chrome browser. That did it.

    On the final move of the game, my Mining card caused a game hang. I refreshed the browser, it cleared up the Mining hang, and finished the game.

    No idea if this helps, but context switching (changing logins, refreshing the browser) seems to help at times.

  • this happened all the time. I get kick out. is the another place to play catan because here it is impossible to finish a game

  • This usually happens when I'm winning. Definitely feels like something other players trigger to make the server think my client is misbehaving.

  • @beatdown.tsk You can only rejoin a game if

    • you play by steam :dash: and not by browser

    • if you have not already been kicked by the kicktimer :alarm_clock: :boom: yet

    This is how you do it:

    • when the kicktimer countdown starts, simultaneously press :white_medium_square: alt key and :white_medium_square: f4 key

    • the board should turn white after a few seconds

    • the screen returns to steam :dash: homepage

    • press "play Catan" again, and the game reloades

    • if you where quick enough (before getting kicked), a little window appears, asking if you want to rejoin the game (click :ok: , lol)

    Peronally, I find that sometimes, the steam :dash: connection is more reliable, on others days, the browser ::earth_africa: connection is better. But it´s never been the fault of my pc´s :computer: connection; that always prooved to be fine.

  • @Xseven I don´t know about other players, but I do know for sure that I never manipulate anything, and yet on some days, most of my opponents :boom: get kicked.
    (If you care to check, I have been complaining about this a lot in the forum.)
    On other days, it´s me :fearful: who get´s kicked :boom: all the time.
    So I am pretty sure it´s on the Catan side of the business where things go wrong, and not the players fault. :innocent:

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