Problem with graphics

  • I'm sorry for my English.

    I run Catan via Steam and the game runs in the form of a window 3 cm wide

    On another user of my computer is ok. What should I delete to make my profile work too?

    Reinstalling Steam and Catan does not help.

  • In Options, there's a checkbox named Window mode. What happens when you check this box and then uncheck it?

  • I have a full screen, but resolution is bad. < print screen

  • That's very bad. It's free to make a new profile, so that would be the next on the list of things to try. I'm sorry you're having this problem!

  • if I log in to steam on another Windows profile it works fine.
    I think this is some file in appdata or in another Windows 10 directory.
    C: \ Users \ Adam \ AppData

  • Confirmed. I have a folder named:

    C:\Users\DiamondJim\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\IndexedDB\https_catanuniverse.com_0.indexeddb.leveldb

    It has quite a few files including many .ldb files. Those are Microsoft Access lock information files.

    There's also a folder named:

    C:\Users\DiamondJim\AppData\LocalLow\United Soft Media Verlag GmbH\Catan Universe

    It has a bunch of files corresponding to the computer players, saved games, and so on. They all appear to be either encrypted or at least obfuscated so people don't just hack those files and play from there.

    There's also a Unity folder there which only tells me that they used the Unity engine to develop the game. That's a very common thing in the industry, though.

    If you want to play with your original Windows profile, I'd recommend deleting those two directories in your AppData folder tree and try it again. If you really want to be safe, copy those folders to some other location. Regardless your account information has to be stored on the game servers and not your local machine, so the worst that should happen is that you'd lose a game you have in progress.

    Catan Universe should be able to synch your system up from any bad state it's in. This, of course, is the problem you're seeing. Catan Universe clearly isn't synchronizing your system from a bad state. But if those folders aren't there at all, any sane system will rebuild them from the information available - and that information will be stored on the game's central server.

    I just wish that I could assure you that the system was sane.

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