Disconnection and AI Issue, Proof of Issue with Turn Tracking

  • @administrators @Developers Good afternoon, there is an issue with turn tracking when someone leaves the game and is replaced by an AI. The following screenshot is proof:


    It is showing that Liesbethl disconnected, but in the Kicktimer box you can see that it has recognized that Testpilotin left. The actual case was Liesbethl left before it was her turn and was replaced by an AI. When the game would not advance, Testpilotin left to refresh the game and see if it would correct.

    I have discussed this issue in two other posts now and have no idea if it is being taken seriously or not. Can you please provide some feedback.

  • Here is another case,

    After Testpilotin left for the final time, it shows that I am replaced with an AI. If I am in the game for me to take the screenshot it is not possible for me to be an AI.


    Hopefully someone working on this game actually takes a look into this.

  • I'd hope so. This is one of the three major issues I've encountered repeatedly. The other two are the 999997 sequence of dice rolling and losing track of players at the start of the game.

    Of course the losing track of players at the start and what you've run into during the course of the game could be the same bug.

    Here's hoping the admins can enlighten us.

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