Can not reach server

  • @sltwtrcwgrl I have two different logins for Catan (2 different emails, 1 Mac, 1 Windows), and I have not been able to connect with either one for the past 24 hours.

  • I havent been able to play for the past 6 months to be honest,

    Everytime i try to log in, regardless of phone tablet computer browser, Anything it always is the same story

    "Cant reach server"
    "Time Out"
    Ive completely given up on this. I miss the old days when it wasnt a part of steam, I could play for days without any issues, I could user browser without any issue.

    Its almost like the developers took our money then just left.

    How can someone be this bad to its players?

  • Ya sad to say it, but there doesn't seem to be any urgency to resolve the issues. I still have yet to play online since the update, can't even access the expansions. I'm so disappointed.

  • My gf and I are having the same problem. We keep on seeing "Offline" in the top center of the screen.

  • For the last three or four days, no matter how (PC computer or my Apple IPAD0 i am seeing off-line error messages. At times on my IPAD i have successfully played, however, I am not able to build cities :(

    The game is really screwed up :)

    Hopefully, they sort out the issues.

  • That's good - I guess. I've been yelling at my internet provider, but good to know its not me and it's Catan. I haven't be on for about a week. Almost time to find a new game.

  • We are working full speed to identify and resolve the issue some users are having with that. We are sorry for the inconveniences.

  • Same issue here.. I can log into the community to ask a question, but the game is offline either after that. I see you are working on it, but does anyone really know the issue?

  • @D-Dog195 @administrators @Developers @KOSMOS
    I am trying to play via Steam and all I get for the last half hour is:
    Preparing to launch Catan Universe......SUPER!
    I try to play in browser (Mozilla Firefox) and it is stuck at loading game ....75 %...
    Is it finally all broken?????
    You promise a fun gaming experience on your Home page. When are you planning on delivering just that?

  • @Fortuna @Administrator - how can I get back into a game after I got kicked for no reason???? Or when I seem stuck and nothing works?

  • @Fortuna
    I keep getting stuck at 75% too, also, tried to make accounts with my playcatan name (Sunflower2) and another one for (bromi) but couldn't.

  • @Fortuna @Sriracha4u I have this problem every time I play in my browser. Always have done. What I find works for me is to click on the yellow resize screen arrow. Nothing seems to happen at first but then the game suddenly loads. Maybe worth trying if you haven't already.

  • I have also been "offline" every time I log in. It's a real bummer as this site has typically been pretty good, but now it simply isn't accessible. I'm not too interested in other avenues to play the game other than on the web. Ugh :(

  • Since the last update, both my girlfriend and I cannot connect and just see "OFFLINE" at the top of the screen. Pretty thrilled that I paid money to not be able to play a game.

  • @Sriracha4u - Well, I know you under those 2 names ☺
    So sad for the loss of that PlayCatan community...... Here the chats seem so pointless..... and the games stink

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