Can not reach server

  • I haven't been able to connect to the server for a week. I've uninstalled and reinstalled, tried different browsers, devices, nothing works.

  • administrators

    @ofOrange the last know server issue to us was last Wednesday. Looking at your account you should have received an email from our support team regarding your accounts status around march 19th ;)

  • Still getting the same error. Nothing in my mail either. Literally downloaded the game a few hours ago. Every other game on Steam works just fine for me too.

  • Server down again.

  • still down... so many errors with this game.... frustrating

  • Loading game 75%.... this is what I get when trying to play Catan from the browser now. Is anyone having this problem i.e. game wont load????

  • the same thing is happening to me

  • @SORIAN-CAMORRANESI its working right now with Firefox

  • It is a mess... Server not reachable again!
    Last time I played with my son, as server went down. So KI has thrown us out of the game (and won) and our carma is now one star...
    Please game-programer: When only two player are in the game, it makes no sense when KI throws the other players out of the game, because both are offline...

  • was playing via Steam and nno connection to server..... a pity

  • administrators

    @Fortuna Does the issue still persists?

  • @Administrator - seems fine tonight, but last night it was a no go.....

  • This is the third weekend in a row where I have not been able to connect to the server. Running on the web with Firefox from Australia... During the week, before yesterday, the connection eventually established after waiting at the lobby for about 5-10 minutes.

  • I am having trouble connecting today too. I don't think it has kicked me off the servers yet, but I don't really want to risk playing if the game is going to not load. Perhaps it is slow because too many people are online?

  • I still cannot connect to the server, I'm guessing since the update? Will this ever change or should I just move on to another platform?

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