Can not reach server

  • @Administrator Will you please let us know when the servers are back up? Looking to play with friends.

  • I am still getting this message..

  • and now also...

  • Received “cannot reach server” error. Please fix the problem.

  • This is absolutely ridiculous why are the servers down every other day??? @administrators. In addition why has there been no Traders and Barbarians Expansion offered??

  • Yes, it seems like the servers are down again. They are down a lot. You guys need a better way of communicating when fixing and issues resolved

  • SERVER DOWN! I need my Catan fix!!! :grin:

  • Please, for the love of god, use the money we paid you and hire an additional hamster to power the server. This is ridiculous.

    Or you could revert back to the old PlayCatan, which was about 10,000x better.

  • I too am having the same "Can not reach server." error on my iPad for the last few hours.

  • I want the scroll I used two hours ago refunded because of this server issue. FIX IT!

  • I am having the same issues too. It’s funny that before I paid for any of the other game modes I had ZERO issues, but now that I have, I can’t even log in because of these terrible, non-existent servers. I want all of my money back if these games aren’t ever going to work. Absolutely atrocious customer service. Shameful way to run a business.

  • @Administrator Who is your back-end service provider? You need a new provider and a contract with stiff monetary penalties for service outages. Email me if you need advice on running enterprise-grade IT operations. This type of outage can't happen or you lose the faith of your customers. At least offer something like 100 free gold as an apology which will likely incentivize future purchases - everyone wins.

  • This is a joke! In app purchases are a rip off always, but with all the glitches, crashes and now just straight up failure to connect you should think about giving everyone their money back and just making it free. Pathetic!

  • @DudeWheresMyCatan - i juuuust purchased the game and have been playing like crazy. I had a flight today that i planned on playing some single player during (made the flight there way quicker). I get on the plane and no damn server. Get home, totally want to get my fix and no servers... your tag name literally made me laugh out loud. Bummed to see this has been a long time issue and have zero faith they fix it. I should have listened to the low star rating on the App Store before investing. Damn me and my love for this fucking game!

  • Thank you all for your patience. We have been able to resolve some issues with our database. We are now monitoring the situation closely

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