Can not reach server

  • It was working fine since the morning I have played three games but now it started acting weird again. Thanks @administrators for working on it though

  • Hi @administrators i’m seeing cannot reach server again since this morning.

  • Still not working...

  • Saying no servers again? Wtf!!!!!!

  • This is absolutely the worst gaming experience ive ever had. It just sucks that I allowed this "company" to ruin a game that I've always (up until now) enjoyed.

  • server seems down again, any idea when access will be restored?

  • @administrators

    Servers Down. AGAIN

  • We are aware of the issues this morning and we're already in contact with the development team and our backend providers. Obviously, their recent update didn't fix all causes of the connectivity issues. We're doing everything we can from our side to sort this out as soon as we can -we absolutely understand your frustration.

  • This is just horrible , whenever I have time to play a game, I can't. And when the servers are not down , 3/4 games get constant timeout errors. This game makes me angry instead of entertaining me.

  • servers on again

  • so ok, you trying to fix the issues... New issue: game starts=>kickout timer starts=> I get kicked out even though I can communicate in game with other players and make moves

    Who gives back the elo I lost from this?

  • @sapaliga85
    Yeah. had same problem after servers went on. happend first game i played. anoying. happend several times before. elo goes down

  • For the first time since reporting this issue I can finally connect. Game playing well - so far.

  • Can not connect for several days now....

    Can you make the expansions work without logging in to the servers? Then at least I can play single player.

  • administrators


    After you have logged in once (to make sure your purchases are registered with your account), you can play singleplayer games against the computer while you are offline.

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