Can not reach server

  • Hey all, my gf and I play alot. The past few weeks we have been just fine, but as admin said its not impacting everyone. We are just now getting this error tonight.

  • This just all shows how much we need another version to be made available than this one. There needs to be more competition for this company to make a better product!

  • Played the game once... someone got kicked (probably cuz the server was down) then I finished the Beginning tutorial thing, some game modes said I need to complete it in order to do some stuff and when I completed it I still couldn’t do the different game modes. Now I can’t log in because i keep timing out... I can’t connect to the server because who knows why... I’m pretty frustrated cuz I kinda want to play the game, and apparently you haven’t fixed it one bit in the last 2 weeks. Come on, freaking my little pony can run probably better then you can... get your crap together, super unsatisfactory and upsetting.

  • I really don't understand how charging any amount of money for any area of this game can be justified.

    It does not function in any capacity.... I mean seriously what gives?

  • @BobPlop If it’s not effecting everyone is there a particular platform that is working. I have been playing on iOS. Is it working on Android or Windows?

  • @swmoore my windows laptop, iphone, and samsung s7 phone all get this issue, so doubtful

  • What the hell is going on can’t ever make it through a full multiplayer game with out it crashing anymore

  • This is absolutely ridiculous.

    Server issues? Okay, frustrating, but it happens.

    This is on a whole different level. I can’t even quit a game that is completely frozen without losing ELO and karma?? What is the point of that rating system if it goes down because you have to quit a game that has been frozen for tens of minutes?

    If there are server issues then so be it. FIX IT, THEN BRING THE SERVERS BACK ON.

    I bought the game several days ago and since then it’s off and on and off and on. I sign on and see the servers are online, great, start a game, and then either first or second game it freezes or gives me an error.

    “Due to holiday season...” give me a freaking break. Entirely unacceptable and, frankly, shameful.

  • @Wildandfree What platform were you able to connect using? I haven’t been able to connect for hours...

  • On iOS, but like I said it was for half of one laggy, buggy game before it finally froze entirely.

    Now I just had a SINGLE PLAYER game freeze on me.

    Complete joke and, again, absolutely shameful.

  • I cannot log in today, says Timeout and "cannot reach server"...
    I suppose it's not just me?

  • Unexceptable. We paid for this game. It is not an Alpha or Beta release client. We want to play Catan online whenever and however we want. That is the idea behind the Catan Universe philosophy. Catan Classic didn't have any of these problems. Time of year? Really? Your skeleton staff should be capable of handling these problems. You are not a small company or young startup. You are Catan and USM and whatnot. Please people, get your stuff in order.

  • @RogueSmurf Agree! This is the reason my account ist still not a payed one.

  • Setting the karma back to it´s higest level could be a good idea, and a lil bit like a consolation pavement.

  • Our backend service provider has just made an update to deal with these issues. Furthermore, we're currently working on an additional client update to follow up on this. This is on top of our priority list and the team is working on resolving this as soon as possible.

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