Can not reach server

  • server down....again....

  • Server offline again but il present few of the issues that bug us all not just me .
    when pairing i end up with players with 900elo and 1 or none karma an later results is quiting middle of game by not rolling the dice /not moving the robber/not discarting cards /not ending turn however this are few problems .
    When things not going a player way cause she/he is dumb they disconnect but not quit witch result in bug almost every time so u have to quit cause timer dont start and IA dont take over so u lose all ur progres elo and karma and lose time and the game becomes a place where u dont relax or enjoy u get full of nerves .
    And i also think that nobody reads reports and not 1 player have been banned cause each day i find new idiots with same behavior internet problems and leave without ending or quiting the game . And the big of all the" can't reach server " fix this and u will get to top3 board games online .

  • @administrators

    Guys, anyone cares about constant server breakdowns? I payed for that game...!

  • Server down again. It's so ridiculous.. Please, hire a system guy who knows what he is doing and finish with problem.

  • Can not reach server. Still. Is that 11 days with the same bug (which is just a variation of "offline" bug.

    This makes the game unplayable. A purchased game which is unplayable. Gosh I know nothing about programming but surely someone in the developers team does? Or someone you can hire to fix it, does? It's the holidays so you're on holiday sure, but this isn't the BETA. this is a released game, people are paying for this but it's not playable. That's really really bad customer satisfaction right there.

  • I’ve been playing the last two nights. Not connecting tonight for whatever reason. I guess people must be off for New Years.

  • Can not reach server again. Please fix asap!

  • Hi,
    I am facing the “Cannot reach server” issue too. Is the server down?

  • Dear all, due to the holiday season and the New Year we were not able to roll out an update for the connection issues as fast as we’d hoped to. However we have been in contact with our backed service provider and have identified probable causes for these issues. These are hard to track down as they only affect a part of the currently active players at a time and they are therefore not that easy to reproduce. However we now have some good leads that the team is working on right now and that we will test and then roll out as soon as possible. We are sorry for this and are actively working on resolving these as quickly as possible.

  • @Administrator Thanks for the update. How will we be notified that the problem is resolved?

  • @Administrator I can connect to the server sporadically to start a game. Most of the time the other players timeout and the game locks up. I end up having to exit the game and my Elo score keeps getting penalized. Frustrating...

  • Haven't been able to play a proper game in almost a week, and even before that the game is still buggy, freezes frequently, times out, etc. Just not a quality product.

  • "Can not reach server" error occurs for me every single evening after 5 PM Pacific Time until some time the next more. The prime time available to play. So sad.

  • Getting error now at 5:45 PM Pacific Time.

  • @Bodgey i think they’ll create the next version with bug fixes and updates. Hope it works. Its frustrating but as long as @Administrator has given the assurance, lets sit tight for sometime!

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