Can not reach server

  • @undertheblue - Thanks for the tip..... but I find it sad that we always have to find work-arounds to make this game work instead of CU working properly as promised...

  • I keep getting this message and that I'm offline-When will this get fixed?

  • I am seeing the same issue

  • they say that it is fixed with version 1.5.1. It is NOT. I have reloaded and re-started everything. It is still happening and worse - I still cant build cities while other players can :(

  • @undertheblue Thx for the suggestion. Sometimes I can get in to the game but usually not. Today, again I was stuck at 75%. Frustrated! I would like to have tried Rivals.

  • @Sriracha4u Don´t be. The kickout timer broke up every Duell game I tried. Sooner or later either me or my opponent got kicked. The time is just too short and the moves are too cumbersome. :unamused:

  • I cannot play as well since 5 days! What is happening?

  • administrators

    @bfarooq Please contact us via if you still should have issues with being displayed as offline.

  • the Server Down now? Or just me????

  • @Longduck-Don
    Hello? ANyone? is the server down?

  • administrators

    @Longduck-Don if you get the message you can´t reach the server please try to log out and back in again. The servers are up and running. there might be an issue with your device communicating with it. By logging out and back in again you establish a new connection.

  • @Administrator

    Ahhh, thank you!!!! I believe that worked, great job!

  • Is the server down? Haven't been able to connect to server since yesterday afternoon. Have tried to reconnect many times.

  • Have been having problems with the cannot connect to server issue. Log out and in again worked, but not in time to stop me from being booted from a game :-/

  • Same. Constant loop of disconnect reconnect.
    Just started playing this yesterday and while the graphics are nice if you can connect to a server to see them, it has been mostly simply unplayable. If you do get connected at all its only a matter of time before you or other players get disconnected.

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