"you were kicked from the session because you were disconnected from the internet for too long"

  • This is still happening and it’s driving me mad. I’ve lost at least 40 ELO today, and a couple of times it was when I was literally about to win the game, but instead I get kicked out. It’s definitely not a problem with my internet connection at this end. Also a few times the game has crashed, all players have left but it hasn’t registered one of them leaving or replaced with AI, even though kick timer has gone to 0, it then gets stuck on their go meaning I have no choice but to leave the game and lose yet more points. I wouldn’t mind if this was a free game but it’s not, surely people are just going to stop playing if this continues?

  • Grrrr and again! That’s 3 times this evening. One more time and I’m done with this game, just too many bugs

  • The amount off crap in this game is unbearable. Right now a guy was kicked-out and replaced by AI. Guess what? The AI is stuck. I will have to quit, but as I am playing against 2 players with 900 something ELO, I guess I am going to lose 12 ELO on this one.
    Aaah, and the other 2 players have 3 - 4 karma. How was I matched against them, when I have 5 karma and selected karma on the auto-match options?
    Update: I was kicked out of the game because "I took too long on my turn" .... as I was unable to do anything. And of course - ELO for me.
    @administrators Keep up the good work!!! You are doing an awesome job! Really, you should get an award or something. The game is getting better and better. You are awesome!

  • I gave so many warnings about matchmaker, ELO, AI substitutions, turn timer etc... Now they are all ruining the gaming experience for players. A handful of posts in here every week. MAYBE it is time to change the direction now.

  • I can barely get one game in. This error happens about 5 secs into my turn.

  • I got kicked out of a game yesterday, without any advance notice, because I was "disconnected from the internet for too long." I had had no connectivity issues at all leading up to this. It simply happened, without any warning.

    Today, the countdown timer appeared on another player in a game I was in, but he showed no connectivity issues (the icon did not appear on his avatar) and he continued to play as a live player the entire time that the countdown kept going. At the end of the countdown, the player was kicked from the game! Clearly he had no connection issues either.

    What gives? How come connection issues are being 'assigned' to players when they clearly don't have them? Major bug!

  • Just happened, kicked without warning. And here my internet is working just fine.

    I've been kicked out of 90% of my games in the last week-ish. Now, perhaps there's something going on with my internet connection making it less than ideal, but this is Catan! -- it shouldn't need a perfect internet connection, it's not a game requiring fast responses nor should it require a whole lot of bandwidth.

    The developer REALLY REALLY need to make their server and network code much more robust. This, and all the related bugs/errors, is ridiculous.

  • You should realize by now that there is no common sense in this Universe.

  • The same thing has happened to me and my friends on several occasions and it is very frustrating, please fix this issue and I will give you a better review!

  • Such a nice game, ruined by so many bugs, the worst being disconnections and no option to relog/rejoin.


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