"you were kicked from the session because you were disconnected from the internet for too long"

  • ...even though I'm quite clearly connected to the internet, and able to play the game the entire time leading up to being kicked.

    I've seen it happen to other players, too. A kicktimer goes up WHILE THEY'RE ACTIVELY PLAYING, and then they're kicked at zero.

    Quite frustrating. The game is a waste of time, and ELO is deducted because of bad programming.

  • Confirmed from my experience. This happened to me roughly the same day it happened to you.

  • Happens to me on 80% of the games. Often also when playing with my SO over LAN, one of us gets disconnected, even when the game functions as normal. It seems to just decide that one of us is disconnected, even when it is not the case.

  • This crap needs to get fixed! love seeing my ELO plummet from getting kicked from a game I am actively playing.

    Maybe ya'll need to go back to beta.. was more stable back then.

  • Same problem here. In the last 24hrs I get the error "can't reach server" and I can't play. I will delete it and I suggest administrators to remove it from market because it's a crap.

  • Money back! Who agrees?

  • Our backend service provider has just made an update to deal with these issues. Furthermore, we're currently working an an additional client update to follow up on this. This is on top of our priority list and the team is working on resolving this as soon as possible.

  • @Administrator It just happened to me a few minutes ago. If the update should already have taken effect, it's not working. I'm using the Android App with Chrome OS.

  • @Administrator It would reduce the (rather high) frustration level a little if you posted the bugs you are currently working on in the Subcategory "Crashes and freezes we are processing". BTW: I hope the bug, where the game gets stuck and the other players think it's your turn, while you see that's it's one of the others,, is among them. It has been happening repeatedly since the last update.

  • I have just beent kicked out of at least 4 games, no kicktimer - the game just closed and that’s it. Pretty sure that my connection is fine too, as I have 4G in case the wifi drops. Lost at least 50 Elo due to this. How will this be fixed?

  • I was about to complain about this because my elo just went down the shithole. But I thing it is worthless. Same old shitty problems from the development phase, same crap from administrators and developers for a payed product.

  • Man, whoever programmed this game should be sent back to school.

  • As we stated in a post last week. We are currently reworking the timmer system of Catan Universe in an effort to get rid of issues like mentioned in this threat. Thank you very much for your patience. We will announce further info on that once we finished our internal test sessions. if you want to be up to date please follow @administrators here in the forum to receive the newest info about the development process.

  • Really? That is your answer? The development process? What development process? This was supposed to be a finished product. You were in development last year and all we got to our suggestions were arrogant answers. At least this didn't happen last year so you messed thing up with some of your updates. My ELO dropped from 2240 to 2150 in 2-3 days of playing a few games and getting kicked out. And I don't care about hurting someones feelings as this is a payed product. The fact that it was cheap does not mean I have to accept it as it is. I would of paid 10 times more for PlayCatan if money is what you are after ... but I am stuck with this crap.

  • Da hast Du so etwas von Recht.Spiel gekauft und ein haufen Fehler.

  • @inadad102 I absolutely agree. The stage of the connectivity issues is unacceptable. Updates about the fixing progress should be released daily. So much great work done on the game is worthless now, cause 80% of games I am either kicked off for no reason or the same happens to my friends and I am forced to finish the game with AI.

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