Booted, but don't know why.

  • I was booted from multiple games now, while I was still playing. It seems the computer somehow thought I was gone, but I wasn't. Turns were happening quickly from person to person, then BOOT. There was no boot timer that came up. Its very painful to lose so much ELO for a glitch. This has happened a bunch. Why can't these things be fixed? I've seen others booted as well. I saw their timer, but it seems they did not. What is going on?

  • This has happened to me as well, both in the browser version and via Steam. This is pretty much an unacceptable error.

  • It is elo has been decimated by almost 100....And no response from Admin?

  • also happening to me.

  • Happened again...and again...I go to reset worried that I'll get booted....and can't re-log in. minus 11 ELO....I was winning by a landslide. Can you please at least explain, admin, why this is happening. Our internet's are fine.,..

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