Old trade screen continuing beyond turn and prevent dice roll next turn

  • I have experienced a bug where if you are setting trade preferences in the trade screen on another players turn and receive a trade offer then you cannot close the trade preference and then the offer. The offer will expire yet the trade popup remains and it will stay at your next turn so you cannot roll the dice or play your turn as it thinks you first have to respond to the trade offer, which you cannot do.

    Unfortunately this forces you to quit the game.

  • @questioner9 I guess developing a proper trade interface is still not in the plans despite being recommended years ago. I feel for you; this trade preference thing is beyond useless. It's like the expect players to tell everyone else, "Hey, look, I have no ore; please be generous and trade me 1 for 1 for something else." This mentality is insane. Why not give a proper interface where you can trade 2 for 1, etc?

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