They need a better dice system and A.I

  • When did AI difficulty equate to dice rolls? Just watch play with nothing but rookies and you end up with dice rolls that actually seem to be unfair towards you. You can literally put your houses on 12 and 2 and they will get rolled more than 5 or 8. Play on master and any number your house is on will be rolled less than any other number. You can have it on 6 and 8 and 5 which I did. They were only rolled 5 to 6 times. While 7 was rolled 15 times 12 was rolled 5 times and 3 was rolled 13 times. All the numbers that the opponent was on. Listen, developers of Catan. AI shouldn't equate to dice and how favorable they are to you. It should be how smart that player plays the game. You also need a better randomizer. In one game literally, 5 was rolled 6 times in a row. That's impossible. Just because of thats the one number I didn't have a house on it and the opponents did.

  • You are very correct.

    I just tested it to see if it was true. I played vs. 3 rookie AI's.

    I placed my house+city near 2, 12, 11, 11 and 9. I ONLY built along those numbers. And it felt like a breeze! Those 11's just kept rolling, and I could just build what I wanted. It was so heavily biased I couldn't believe it. I felt like I settled near only 5, 6, 8 and 9! I got 2/3 metropolies and just cashed in so many development cards.

    But about midway (when I was about to win) it shifted. It was like it stopped being biased after a number of rolls. Suddenly it allmost never rolled my numbers. Didn't matter though, since I was so developed, I just used alchymist a lot and had science bonus for the rest. So I just glided steadily in for a win.


    • 11 was rolled 7/68 (should be around 4)
    • 12 was rolled 3/68 (should be around 2)
    • 2 was rolled 4/68 (should be around 2)
    • 9 was rolled 11/68 (should be around 8)

    And mind you, most of these rolls where at the beginning, where it matters most. So I could get a huge head start.

  • This isn't just for A.I games. It also for multiplayer. If one person starts to get ahead the numbers he's on will start to shift away from him. The further ahead they are their numbers get rolled even less. Also, it takes in your level vs their level. Your dice rolls just aren't going to be that good. My solution to this problem is always making sure you have a number that the opponents have. If you see the A.I. take a 5 in the game even though the rest of the numbers are crap you know that five is going to be rolled like every other time. Just be prepared that if you have too many numbers that the opponent has you will notice the 7 gets rolled more and the robber seems to always end up with your number. Then after that happens your number is rolled a lot. For 12 turns I kept getting the robber off my 6. Then I get no dice rolls for 6. Then every round at least one A.i. opponent gets a 7 or a knight and moved it back. Then 6 was rolled a lot. The other issue is if you're near the end 1 to 2 points watch how bad the system cheats against you. I had pretty much every number covered 1 point away I kept getting 8 to 9 cards before my roll. Then I rolled a 7 this happened 4 times in a row. Serious, I was like every time it was my turn I rolled a 7 and I had way more cards than 7. I finally didn't roll a 7 on my turn but that's when the opponents were within 3. I was beating them by 7 points. I don't mind a hard system as long as it's fair. My issue is I play the board game at home with friends about once a week. Where skill and negotiating really mater. To go from dice rolls that are much different than this game its hard to take it sometimes. Dice in real life don't give a crap if your 4 points ahead of its just random. They need that in this game.Have a button that says better dice rolls. Because the card button doesn't give you more random numbers. It's just more of the same.

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