Big Disappointment! Dont Buy Gold!!!

  • Umm... Why not? It's your game and you decide what DLC you open for other players for free when they play on different platforms. I don't see a difference between platforms preventing you from doing anything.

  • administrators

    @Stroom It's our game distributed on their platforms so we have to play by their rules in terms of distribution. That is just the way it is.

  • $5 to play a full game is very cheap. If you like the game so much, why don't you support the developers by buying the extension to all 3 of your friends? It would still come off cheaper than going to a restaurant on your own. I'd say every penny will be worth it.

  • Why pay for something that doesn't work correctly? It's like paying for 10MB internet and only getting 5MB

  • comparable disappointment. I bought 400 gold, but it was not visible in my account. unfortunately!

  • administrators

    @JesGeMo please reach out to our support team via I am sure we are able to help.

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