Big Disappointment! Dont Buy Gold!!!

  • hi all. i've buyed 400gold to unblock the random map and play with other players! but surprise! i'm the server but i cant create a random map if all other players dont have the extra content. i mail them and ask for a refund but they dont respond. SO BE VERY CAUTIOUS! You can buy something and nobody care about your problem :(

  • Update. They respond me and act like thiefs...

    Unfortunately, we cannot cancel this purchase via Steam.
    But what I can offer you: I will reimburse you the price (in gold) for the base game and block the base game accordingly.
    You will then have 500 gold in your supply again.
    Please let me know, if this is okay for you, then I will take the necessary steps in our user backend.


  • How is this a solution for someone who does not want to play the game and wants the money back? There is nothing to spend that gold on.

  • Just out of curiosity, after a few months away for this place, I come back and see absolutely nothing has changed. They game development is still a joke and customer service care is non-existent. This is really sad..

  • Spread the word guys! Maybe this way other people wont pe cheated by this thiefs :( All developers from steam have refund policies.

  • administrators

    We understand that this might be disappointing to you but:

    1. You accepted the policies by purchasing the Catan Gold.
    2. These are Steam policies, not ours. You can contact the steam support team. We offered you what we could.

  • @sunny22hd I'm not sure what you expected... every game I've ever played has worked this way with additional content. If you buy a DLC map in Halo, for example, you can't play it with friends who haven't also bought that DLC.

    There are plenty of people playing on the expansions, just match with them.

  • So... When the micro-transactions were implemented, at first you said that you had to create in-game money so that you could sell the game elements cross-platform.

    And now if people want refunds which is possible on Steam, you tell them to deal with it...

    Steam has refunds. A lot of apps have refunds in different platforms. But you chose to use the one (and I have to admit it, seemingly legal) way that would make it possible to not give refunds to players. Even if the game does not match players expectations. Even if the game has been proven to be unplayable for some players.

    Does it sound shady practice? I can't say for sure. Up to the majority to decide.

    So... If a player, according to your game logs, has been kicked out of >50% of games due to game crashes and he demands an actual monetary refund... (Because having gold in a game that does not work is not a real refund...) Do you plan to address this issue?

    Seriously, most customer supports have refunds programs. Even EA has a refund program and that is one of the worst game development companies out there.

  • administrators

    @Stroom huuuuggghhh... thanks for that suggestive entry.

    We offer refunds on platforms we can offer them. (e.g Android (due to how the Google billing works) or if bought via the browser).

    To put it as simple as possible:

    Our users do not actually pay us money (except via the browser version). They are paying Steam or Apple or Google money.

    Those companies will transfer the money to us (minus their share).

    Because Catan Gold is technically a DLC and consumable, it's the stores' policies not giving out refunds on that.

    If buying from EA you will probably buy their game via the origin store. Their Store, their rules. Not ours...

    Last but not least:

    There is a pop-up (btw. it is not required to have that) before every purchase that the purchase is not refundable. We try our best to help out users who bought by mistake or want to have a refund due to any reasons but there are limits for that.

  • @Administrator - Do you think i'm idiot? steam refund only for a game or dlc played under 2hrs. I played catan with your fucking extra content only 10min. but its easy to blame steam. if you wasnt THIEFS this was a dlc and everybody cheated by you can ask a refund directly from steam. anyway. enjoy my 4euros and buy some nice candles... :(

  • @Brynn - if i buy a dlc for halo from steam i can ask a refund. from this thiefs i cant :(

  • @Administrator - You lie again! few weeks ago i buyed gta5 from steam. i played around 110minutes but i dont like it. i ask for a refund and 2hrs later i got a refund with no questions. my brother buyed fs17 platinum dlc, and dont like it, 30min later got a refund. what you do? sorry not our fault. ask steam! shame on you!

  • @sunny22hd I more meant that your expectation that other friends of yours without the dlc would be able to play it with you was weird. I think this games policy is fine, it is made really clear that there are no refunds when you make the purchase. And you can trial all the expansions for free before you buy them.

    You must like Catan to be here at all... why don't you just keep the expansions and play them with other people?

  • administrators

    @Administrator said:

    Because Catan Gold is technically a DLC and consumable

    I urge you to calm down, edit those posts and stop the accusations.

    From the steam support side about refunds:

    Downloadable Content (DLC):

    DLC purchased from the Steam store is refundable within fourteen days of purchase, and if the underlying title has been played for less than two hours since the DLC was purchased, so long as the DLC has not been consumed, modified or transferred. Note that in some cases, Steam will be unable to give refunds for some DLC (for example, if the DLC irreversibly levels up a game character). In this case you will be warned when purchasing such DLCs.

  • Why not make expansions non-consumable DLCs then?

  • administrators

    @Stroom Because we wouldn´t be allowed to transfer them (for you) to other platforms.

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