Just got kicked out of a game again!

  • I was right in the middle of playing a Greater Catan Cities & Knights game against daltonus69 & Ibanez268 and had finished my turn. I was waiting for the next player to finish when all of a sudden, without warning, the game ends for me and is said 'You were kicked out for taking too long to finish your turn.' What a load of crap! I have had it with this garbage. Administrator, if you read this, I'm officially complaining that your game sucks and I'd like my money back.

  • I am so sick of being kicked out of games (that I'm winning" because it isn't connected to the server. That is CATANs problem, not mine, but they take my points and kick me out. THat has to stop and they need to compensate us. We pay money to play on this site, they need to get their act together and compensate those of us who are being punished for their inability to stay connected to their server!!!!!

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