Experience Point

  • I read you get XP for many things you can do on the game, but exactly what things?
    I have 0 XP, while my level is 20

  • administrators

    @laseesi level 20 is the max level. You won't receive any more XP due to that fact. Congratulations on making it to level 20.

  • Why not expand the levelling to allow for higher levels? Max it out at 1000 or something so that people can play for years without hitting the cap...

  • administrators

    @Brynn Leveling up per se is fun but it must have some kind of purpose to it (don't you think). Unlock new stuff e.g. Otherwise it is just a number going up.

    But I can assure you that we will raise the level cap as soon as more content will be added to the game.

  • Sure, it's nice that there are scrolls given out for levelling. But I'd be happy to just have the kudos for having a higher level. You can see people's levels in the guild, and if it didn't cap you'd be able to see how much someone has played by their level (even more so than currently). The ELO ranking only shows how good you are at a particular online mode, but the XP would show how much you've played across all modes (online and against AI), so it is kind of a different ranking. Just a thought :)

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