Error "This match has ended" without any warnings or kickout messages...

  • Hi all,

    I love this game but it is so unstable... Less than half of the games are actually playable due to various stability issues :rage:

    A new one I experienced today was this message:

    This match has ended.

    There were no warnings at all... All the players appeared to be connected, no kickout counters, no connection problems showing near the players' avatars... Everything appeared to be normal. The player who was supposed to play was not in a position to win even with victory points in hand so the game couldn't have ended "normally". I was just waiting for the next player to play his turn and after about a minute without any action I though I would ping him in the chat... and when I tried to send a message I saw that error message.

    What is causing that? Is this a known issue?

    I'm happy to provide as much info as I can if more details are needed


  • me too i have had this happen as well

  • I've experienced this multiple times as well over the past few days. Also get "error reported," can play for one turn and then it freezes.