Got kicked from game for no reason.

  • This game must have been developed by infants. Add to the VERY LONG list of errors this game has getting sent back to the home screen in the middle of a game. Upon checking my Elo went down 7 points and I lost a star of Karma. I am so done with this shitty game, at least until Catan decides to hire some non-retards to do their programming. Anyone who sticks around, have fun supporting people who could give a shit about you.

  • Funny you say this, I just got kicked or no apparent reason mid game. Some very strange glitches that should be taken care of. Honestly They have done a wonderful job other then the glitches...

  • Same here. I was just playing a game, took my second turn, was waiting for the next player to go, and boom, the game ends and my Elo drops 10 points. This is bullsheet! Grrr!

  • @joelmgryphon
    i agree that the board, pieces, layout, etc is done very well. if only the game played as smoothly as it looks. logged back on recently to play a few games and still having a host of issues (including getting kicked today after placing my first two settlements), all discussed in other threads.

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