Offline bug, can't log in, timing out

  • What the heck is going on here. Can an admin respond to this? Alot of us have paid money for this game and no one seems to know why we can't log in, why it's saying we're offline when we're not.

    Anyone having issues logging in, or once they do get in it keeps telling you that your offline.

    I'm playing on mobile via Android.

    Anyways it would be nice to get a response from admin or someone who can make sense of this.

  • This is a problem for me too. I'm offline via my phone and browser (obviously I'm not actually offline because I'm writing this...). Such a shame.

  • Same problem! I gave it a few hours and it's still there. It's really bad. Paying for a service that's what an online game is and the company is not giving that service. Hurry up and compensate or reimburse. I've never bought a game which is unplayable before. This is hilariously awful.

    Chrome. Browser. Worked previously.

  • Upvoted because it's the truth, I only have a few more days waiting at then goodbye catan universe :)

  • Same for me, i am not offline but game said so. I have not played a game so badly designed then this one. Almost every game someone have a connection problem. Unbelievable.

  • Having the same problem on Steam interface. I can access all other websites I'm on, but Catan says I'm offline.

  • @mbigras hello, wouldn't you mind to invite me to cut down the waiting time? I just registered as trizoza. Thx

  • Doing it on browsers for me as well and on android app.

  • Same Problem here. I am using iPad mini 4. I paid for Catan and now I can not play it!!!!

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