Camera tilt

  • I am using the mobile app for Android (Google Pixel XL 2) and my screen has the board completely flat, and I can't get it to go to a more aerial view. I tried using 2 fingers to swipe in the same direction but nothing works. Thanks

  • Yes, I just experienced the same issue as you. Was wondering if you had found your solution?

  • OK, I managed to find a workaround. I am, sharing it here so that it will help someone.

    I cleared the application cache and data to reset the camera. Just to go Settings > Application > Catan Universe. Once the data and cache are cleared, launch the game, you will have to relogin to the game, and create a new game. The camera angle is reset.

    It seems that this bug only occurs in Android version of Catan Universe. I tested on iOS and I am always able to tilt the camera back and forth by using two fingers up and down.

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