Freezing on my turn during initial placement

  • Load play reload play reload play. How many times have I done this with this POS game? In my current game I placed my first settlement as player two, then player one quit by closing her browser (real winner of a human there). Player three was never given the turn by the game so I reloaded and went again. After one more try I stopped trying. Neither one of us can do anything but if I quit the game I lose ELO. It's like Catan is saying to its fans, "Either you punch yourself in the face or don't come play our game because we really think very little of you. Wait, wait, wait, or we could just punch you in the face." It's been so long since many of these issues have been around and the game only seems to be getting worse. I feel bad for all you suckers that paid money to get the "full" version of the game... Question is, Full of what!?

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