Is ELO damaging the game and trading? No second prize please.

  • How many players play for ELO and adjust their strategy for it? The ELO adjustment for second, third, fourth place should be the same. Everyone should be playing to win. So many players give up when someone gets in front and attack last place to help their ELO. So there is little trading. Of course it might be that the trading interface should allow dynamic counter offers as others have said. But the ELO game is damaging the main game.

    Some of my best wins have been where someone surges to the front and looks like winning. I help the other player so that the leader has to split attacks, or maybe the other player builds where the leader wanted to and other possibilities. There are very few come back victories any more.

    One player reported me for “team playing”. But I think if you are trying to win it is good play. It is essential to the strategy of Catan.

    ELO should be based on winning vs not winning.

  • Exactly. Any kind of rating system is bad for casual gaming. It was predictable and warned about when ELO was implemented.

    There is no need for player ranking or experience in Catan. If you want any kind of player rankings, just finally implement the tournaments and let tournament winners gain badges or something to indicate that they are good. Nothing else is needed. Since it is just like PlayCatan, it will probably not be implemented though.

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