Frustrated with this game. Worst version yet.

  • Between the offline messages and the Timeout messages while playing leading to a kick, it is infuriating to play this game I payed for. Ridiculous taht these kinds of bugs are so prevalent in a released game. And not to mention the games that just hang while waiting for someone elses turn then I get a kicked message for no obvious reason. Utterly frustrated with this crap and getting my ELO shredded by these problems.

  • I totally agree with you. The beta version had some problems, but after the official release, it seems to me that there are more problems.It is sad to see that the makers of the game don't respect the people who play it , and don't (can't?) do the things necessary to make it a bug-free game. The worst to me is to see that there has not been enough progress , and instead of fixing this broken game , their only concern was to make it available on other devices , to earn more money. This means that not only they are not sorry that they are selling a faulty product , but they are also trying to sell it to more people.

  • It really is frustrating.
    Makes me wonder how anyone has a ELO over 1100 and 5 Star karma.
    Fix the damn bugs.

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