The kicktimer is completely broken and it's hugely irritating

  • The kicktimer doesn't appear to the player being kicked, it's kicking people mid-turn, it doesn't kick people who have vanished (which makes me wonder what the heck the point is) it's just completely non functional. Please fix it. This game has so much potential, just make it stable.

  • I have been warning that the kicktimer is a bad idea from the beginning. Even if it works, people will complain that it is ruining their games.

  • I completely understand the idea behind it, but it's not functioning properly. I have not been able to complete a single game all night without hitting kicktimer issues. Like 12 games, every single one got fucked up by the kicktimer.

  • It also fails to kick people out who have disappeared - then I have to quit and lose ELO. Completely broken - we paid you money for this game SO FIX IT

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