Game Ends Before It's Over

  • So I have had 5 games in a row where we are playing the game, I am in the lead and then another person places another piece and takes the lead and the game ends before anyone has reached the winning points required.

    Sometimes the game just ends with no explanation. Other times it says, "Game over, All humans have left the game." But we are all still actually there. It's a game glitch.

    What is going on!!!!

  • There are certain Development cards which provide victory points that are hidden from other users. Another player may have 2 of these in hand, and appear to have "won" with 8, but they really have 10. There should be some reveal of these at the end of the game, but that's not implemented.

  • Yeah, if they want to have pretty animations, end game is the place for them. There should be a little overview animation (skippable, obviously) that shows who had longest road, most cities, largest army, dev card VPs, etc. That's a much better use for cutesy animations. Not avatars staring into space.

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