Managed to build a road for free showing on my screen but not on opponents' screens

  • Hi there,

    Not sure if this is the right place to report bugs?

    I was playing a free game using the basic free Catan Universe game on PC without any extensions. I had 3 lumber and 3 brick on hand and I managed to build 4 roads... Basically I managed to build an extra road for free! I built them using double-click every time. The first one was built normally (i.e. 1 lumber and 1 brick were removed from my hand). Then I built a second road by double clicking on an empty road space - the road was then showing on my screen (as if built correctly) but the ressources where not removed from my hand. Then I built two other roads normally, with ressources correclty removed.

    So I thought that the road was really built ... but a few turns later an opponent built a road on the same place. He confirmed on the chat that the space was showing as empty for him !

    Screenshot here:
    I was playing the blues. On the highlited space I had placed a blue road "for free" and the opponent later placed a red road on the same space

    Hopefully someone will be able to look into that...


  • administrators

    @Guddu Thanks for the detailed description and screenshot. We will take a look at this.

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