What is going on? Nearly every game is buggy!

  • Out of 10 games in the past day or two, about 7 turn out to be buggy. Either blank screen at the start, or the game crashes at random points. "Connectivity" or "Offline" issue but players are able to type in chat. The timer runs out for all players and the game ends on its own, even though all players are actively playing.

    Its becoming unplayable. Please sort it out

  • Agree. It's almost impossible to finish a game.

  • But heY let's just fix these issues first:

    Catan Universe 1.4.3 - 12.14.2017

    New Feature

    ● Chat notifications

    Fixed issues

    ● Fixed Issue where the camera on mobile devices starts in a wrong angle
    ● Fixed Issue where users can't drop enemy cards to a draw stack (Duel)
    ● Fixed Issue when scrolling in the shop
    ● Fixed Issue with commodity selection when Commercial Harbour was

    Even if most games end by the server dropping the game too early.

  • @Stroom

    And I think I'm getting an ELO hit every time the server shits the bed on me.

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