Turn Advancement doesn't show for next player.

  • Turn Advancement doesn't show for all players,
    an issue you are processing since more than 7 months, is in my experience the most common bug for the moment.
    The next player cannot see its his turn.

  • Indeed. This is the most common bug you have, and kills games entirely.
    I've lost points on games I should have won, just because someone got stuck and the AI never came in to keep it going.

    As a matter of fact, I'm suspecting there might even be an abuse here. Maybe some players know some trick to get it stuck, and eventually they get the points.
    Look in this case:

    I'm clearly miles ahead, maybe even about to win (as long as a 7 won't come up in the next 2 rolls).
    But, green got stuck, and eventually we all quit and I lost points (I tried to refresh and re-join game, but couldn't). I definitely lost ELO points after this game.
    I don't want to blame Jat (green player here) for nothing, but, he did have a REALLY HIGH ELO. I don't wanna sound accusing, but maybe he's abusing this somehow to get wins. And maybe not. But pleaseeeeee investigate and fix this issue!

    We have a turn timer, I really don't understand how could this even happen...

  • I was starting to suspect abuse as well, but was able to chat with the last player when this happened. They saw their turn as complete and waiting on the next player, we saw it was still their roll. More common issue for sure and makes me feel a bit better. Wish the devs would get on it though.

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