OMG! I got booted out of the game without warning!

  • What the hell is going on with this game? I'm waiting for my turn when all of a sudden, the game has ended, for me at least, and my Elo drops about 11 points. I'm guessing I got kicktimered out or something but for no reason and without warning? Please fix this because it's very irritating. Grrr!!!!

  • The same thing has happened to me about half a dozen times in the last few days, and I've seen it happen to others. This is immensely frustrating.

    I wish the developers cared more about stability and gameplay than useless 3D beer steins. :(

  • It's not happened to me, but I've seen it happen to my opponent. Where they were still there and taking actions, but the kick timer counted down and booted them. I think it might be down to the user having an unstable connection and it not reconnecting properly, as when it happens they disconnected for a while initially and then came back.

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