My suggestions

  • Hey, I am fairly new the game Catan. I learned how to play less than a week ago and have been enjoying ever since which caused me to find an online version of the game. Here are my suggestions,

    When you are ending your turn have the game ask "are you sure you wish to end your turn".
    (Sometimes players end their turn without realizing they have already rolled the dice)

    Have animated dice that roll on / near the board.
    (Its very easy to miss what was rolled and when it was rolled)

    A timer to show how much time a user has left.
    (Its always good to have a sense of time when playing)

    When a player leaves 3 or more games within a short perioid of time give them a 10 min penalty
    (This may prevent users from leaving games when they do not get their spot on the map)

    When the game ends, do not have the chat cleared. give players a chance to say "good game" or something at the end without having to go back into the game.

  • administrators

    @Dwyer79 Thanks for your feedback. Since the UI for the PC/Mac version and the mobile version differ in small ways it would be great to know on which platform you are playing at the moment.

  • @Administrator I am currently playing on the PC Steam version

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