Catan Classic not finding username on Catan Universe

  • I am registered on Catan Universe. Verified email. But when i plug in my email and password into the Android app, it says it does not exist and I should create an account. I tried over multiple days. I'm running the latest version. How do I get this to work?

  • @wvoigt I am having the same issue - have tried multiple days and don't want to lose my purchases in the original app. Login for universe is clearly valid as I can login to leave this comment! Admins please help...

  • Did you make sure you entered the email address using the same upper and lower cases as in the Catan Universe app?

    Also in some cases, users try to login with their Catan Universe account data in the online section of Catan Classic. This is not correct. You have to use the transfer menu (lower right corner of the main menu)

    Last but not least some autofill options on mobile devices add a space at the end of your email address. Please make sure to enter your account data without the additional space.

    If you should still have issues with the transfer of your purchases please contact us via We will do our best to help you out

  • So it turns out my mailing address for Catan Universe had a trailing space. Way to go in validating user input. Do I now have to always and forever remember that this ONE login has a trailing space?

  • I was able to successfully transfer purchases using the transfer button as mentioned by the admin above.

    However I still cannot log in to the online mode in Catan - Classic with my Catan - Universe username and password.

    Do I have to create a whole new account just to play online in Catan - Classic?

  • administrators

    @RossMan55 that is correct. The accounts of Catan Universe and Catan Classic aren´t the same one.

  • Hello, I registered and activated on Catan Universe login, but I can't enter with my login to Catan Classic on my iPhone. How I can sync catan classic and catan universe?

    I wrote to few days ago, but no answer

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